The Best Online Casino Jackpots

Do you dream of winning the jackpot? So it’s a safe bet that the progressive jackpots, with their astronomical sums, have already made your head spin. If they are now so popular, it is because their pot increases continuously until reaching millions. An attractive promise for a low redistribution rate but whatever, as long as the game is exhilarating. On the web, the titles offered are now counted by the hundreds, and it is who will redouble the most inventiveness. Which of them are the most advantageous?

Slot Machines, Queens Of The Astronomical Prize Pools

By far, the most popular games for real money online casino players, slot machines have a reputation for offering the highest achievable jackpots. Prefer the networked machines that make the prize pool climb more and let you be tempted by the wide variety of games on offer. Rather Iron Man, Tomb Raider, or magical ambiance with Magic Slots? As for the prize pools, favor certain titles in particular, among which:

  • Treasure Nile and its Ancient Egypt theme, which offers 5 reels and 9 paylines. Get 5 pharaohs on the 9th, and it’s won!

  • Mega Fortune, which immerses you in a bling universe and whose jackpot generally exceeds 2 million dollars. Bet as much as possible to try to smash the record of 17.8 million dollars!

  • Gold Rally and its gold rush, which has 3 reels and 9 payment lines for a prize pool of around 700,000 dollars. The record? A jackpot of $ 2,189,000!

Choose The Right Machine

If no secret technique can make you a multimillionaire for sure, it is always useful to choose your machine carefully. Most of them require you to bet the maximum amount to be eligible for the jackpot, but this is not an obligation. The odds of winning depend on the number of players who have succeeded since the allocation of the previous jackpot, so the opt-in priority for a casino with a lot of traffic and turn to a machine with a large number of reels. Interested in the largest amount possible? As you wish, just know that the higher the amount involved, the more difficult it will be to reach.

 Other Big Jackpot Games 

It is often believed that only penguin bandits are synonymous with significant gains, mistake! Large pools are found both in online roulette and around a poker table.

    • Roulette Royale is a progressive variant that brings an extra dose of adrenaline. A Spanish player has managed to pocket more than a million dollars thanks to the Globe Trotteur machine. The pots, linked together in a common network, can swell here at breakneck speed. The number you have chosen must be designated by the ball 5 times in a row. Impossible mission? To have.

    • Forget what you know about poker during a progressive video poker game, as it is now the rarest hands that are most valuable. Don’t hesitate to try your luck with the Deuces Jackpot or the SuperJax.

  • Progressive Blackjack can pay off big if you manage to get the same combination of cards as your original bet. Triple 7 Blackjack will give you a try.